Worst divorce stories in india

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Do not fall in love with somebody who does not belong to our caste. Of all the rules I had to follow as a girl, this was the most important. I was born in a small town in Haryana, India. I was taught to be obedient and to say yes to everything my parents asked me to do. This three letter word defined my life. The day I reached puberty, the perspective of people around me suddenly changed. It started with people telling me not to play with boys anymore.

This yes followed me like a ghost everywhere, every day. But my soul never agreed. Relatives would advise my parents to lock me inside the house to show me my right place in the kitchen. They never forgot to remind me that I could not even think of a marriage built on love. Family friends would advise my parents to quickly have me married so that I would not be their responsibility anymore.

I live in a state where the ratio of girls to boys is females for every 1, males. I grew up reading stories in newspapers about parents who killed their own children to protect their honor. Whenever I tried to gather the courage to say no, I was labeled stubborn and disobedient.

The girls around me were saying yes. The only rebels I remember who said no to their parents were outcast by society, their friends, and even their families. I wanted to be the best girl and a good example.

But as I got older, my soul battled with that yes. I started to listen and say no. No rewarded me with some of the best things in my life: my graduation, my job and my independent life miles away from home.

But I knew there was still one hard rule I could never break: Do not fall in love with somebody who does not belong to our caste.

The more you fear something, the bigger it appears in your life. Eventually, my worst nightmare came true—I fell in love, and the man of my dreams was from the wrong caste.

When I met him, I was still meeting boys for an arranged marriage because I wanted to be the yes girl and follow the rule book.The man surnamed Chen, a year-old teacher from Tainan County was introduced to a woman surnamed Lin, 29, also a teacher, by a matchmaker. After the couple dated for three months, they got married, but Lin refused to consummate the marriage.

Why I Risked an Honor Killing to Reject an Arranged Marriage

On the wedding night, Lin slept fully dressed and wrapped with a quilt. However, she did not live up to the pledge, cause Chen filed for divorce. Lin contested the divorce, claiming that she refused to consummate the marriage on the wedding night because she was too tired and was ill.

A Saudi woman asked for divorce in because her husband tried to sneak one look at her face after 30 years of marriage.

8 divorce horror stories from the people who have been through it — and their lawyers

A Saudi Arabian man lived with his wife for 30 years without setting eyes on her face. His year-old wife followed the tradition of her native village near the south-western city of Khamis Mushayt and kept her features veiled at all times.

It was an error he is unlikely to be given a chance to repeat for his outraged wife woke up during his sneak peek and decided to demand a divorce. The betrayed wife said her husband apologized and promised never to do it again, but she insisted she wanted a divorce. It may seem odd, but cases of Saudi husbands with wives forever shrouded in mystery are not uncommon.

The wife filed for divorce but, for some bizarre reason, evidence from a bird was apparently not admissible in Chinese courts.

An year-old German woman, divorced her year-old husband after 60 years of marriage because he was caught having sex with his mistress at work. Georg Meister met his lover, 30 years younger, at work. The divorce court heard the couple had met over 60 years ago as Allied bombs fell on Bonn and have since raised three children together.

A woman surnamed Luowho lied about her age, was dumped by her husband after 10 years of marriage in Shanglin County, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Luo, who was 30 when husband-to-be Cen asked her to marry him, told him she was just InCen filed for divorce after realizing he had been duped and the court granted his wish.

The year-old woman had been married for only 10 months when she claimed her life turned into a nightmare because of her mother-in-law.

I'm Divorced - The Story I Don't Talk About. #grindreel

Elena T. The court asked Mrs. Elena to reconsider her demand, advising her to find a better reason if she wants to separate from her husband. A Romanian pensioner has filed for divorce after 50 years because she is fed up with her husband spending their entire pension on stray dogs. Eliza Barbu, 70, from Focsani, said her husband Mircea had begun giving scraps of food a few years ago to a pair of stray dogs.

But he then started feeding a pack of more than 20 strays three times a day, leaving no food for them. More and more dogs come every week. A man was divorced by his wife in for running across China to support the Beijing Olympics. Wang Yueting, 56, of Chuzhou city, Anhui province, sold his apartment to finance the run.

His wife promised to divorce him if he went ahead with the stunt, and so he did. According to him, he was just running to promote the Olympic spirit. A man was divorced by his wife after his penis extension snapped off during sex.We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. India's mentally ill are often locked away in understaffed, state-run institutions where they are stripped of basic human rights.

Others are picked up by quack healers who torture them, or they get dumped in the jungle.

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About 30 male patients in tattered clothes huddle in a dormitory. The stench from the lavatory nearby is nauseating. On the next floor, two female patients lie sprawled on the narrow corridor outside a female dormitory. Things are no different at another state-run hospital in the city, Pavlov Mental Hospital, where about patients share beds. Patients at a severe stage of mental illness are locked up in 4 x 5 feet 1. And to kill body lice, says a hospital employee, patients are stripped and sprayed with insecticides meant to kill cockroaches.

worst divorce stories in india

They even take home the bedspreads and curtains," an employee said. According to the National Human Rights Commission NHRCthere are only 43 government mental hospitals in India, of which hardly half a dozen are in a "livable" condition.

Sharma a member of the NHRC. Even after a decade, it remains the same. It shows the government's attitude towards the mental health care in the country. Most hospitals lacked, and still lack, even clean water and ventilation. At least million people suffer from mental illness in India.

About 10 million need hospitalization. There are only 4, psychiatrists in the country and 70 percent of them practice in private hospitals in urban areas. There is a severe shortage of paramedics, too. Inaccording to an NHRC report, one single psychiatrist was found manning the bed hospital in Varanasi. There are physicians and even gynecologists who are in charge of mental hospitals.

With the medical system in a mess and awareness about mental disorders lacking, faith healers and quacks are making hay. According to a study by Dr Shiv Gautam, former superintendent of Jaipur Mental Hospital, 68 percent of mentally ill people are taken to faith healers before a psychiatrist.

Take the case of Hema. Until a few months ago, the postgraduate in English used to call herself Mrs Sonu Nigam, assuming herself to be the Bollywood singer's wife - a clear case of schizophrenia. Her family took her to Datar Sharif Dargah near Ahmedabad.

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They believed an evil spirit was at play. She spent a year there, chained up. And it was only when her condition deteriorated to an extent that incontinence set in, that her family brought her to Gautam.

Some are whipped or caned, some are made to inhale smoke from burnt chilli, some have chilli paste smeared into their eyes and some get branded with red hot coins. Despite laws banning the practice, many dargahs and temples keep patients chained. Some, for a lifetime. Ina fire at a dargah in a coastal village, Erawadi, in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu charred to death 26 mental patients, who could not escape the blaze as they were chained.

Families of mentally ill people are increasingly opting for the easy way out: 'dumping.Because how long until you're immune to that ointment your doctor recommended? I wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend who I had been dating for a year. I asked his friend if he would help me with the planning and he gives me this weird look and says, "Yes, I'll help you but I think he has other plans with his girlfriend. I'm a Disney employee. He had asked me to get him Disney tickets so he could "take his little sister for her birthday.

Guess who saw me and ran for it during my shift? Happiest place on Earth my ass. We were high school sweethearts that went off to different colleges. He came to visit me one weekend, and forgot to logout of Facebook on my computer before he left. I accidently stumbled upon his inbox and found explicit messages from a girl from his school.

The messages included, "When are you going to break up with her? My favorite line from her that I'll never forget: "Is your cum thick baby?

The credit card he ordered for his girlfriend came to my house. A month later, a brand new Amex shows up in the mail, addressed to another woman. I was thinking that the mailman put something in my box for someone else, but nope, it was my address, and her name. Of course he denied denied denied and said, "If I wanted to add someone to my account, why would I have the card come to OUR house?

So being the amazing detective that I am cause I grew up in the generation of Scooby-Doo and Inspector GadgetI got into his Amex account and saw that he not only added her to his account, but he was spending a tremendous amount of money wooing her.

He even took her "home" to meet his family last Thanksgiving. I saw the airline tickets he purchased when I was in his account.

Oh and he took her to Vegas too Soooo I filed a missing spouse divorce. He had no idea I filed, and he had no idea we were divorced until I scanned the divorce decree and sent it to his work email address.

And would you guys believe he had the nerve to say "I can't believe you divorced me? When I was a freshman in college, I was unexpectedly dumped by my older, townie boyfriend. It was the first and only time it ever happened, and I couldn't figure out why. Fast forward nearly TEN years later. The ex and I are still friends, and reconnect on Facebook. One day he posts a video he made in the same year we datedof him kissing some other chick!

I guess I finally got my explanation. We were together for 5 years and engaged. I had just gotten home from a 16 hour shift to find him and my best friend at my kitchen table.

She was pregnant and the baby was his. They tried to insist that it was a one time deal and an "accident.Divorce is never easy, and among certain age groups, divorce rates are increasing. For instance, since the s, the divorce rate has doubled among adults 50 years old and up, according to statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics and US Census Bureau, the Pew Research Center reported. Of course, some divorces go better than others — while some are amicable, others are the opposite.

Toni Coleman, a psychotherapist and relationship coachsaid that divorce may not always go as well as planned. But that isn't always the case. Here, eight people share their divorce horror stories. In the almost year-long courtship, he groomed me. I'm trying to save my credit and make payments while hoping I'll recoup some or any of my money through the legal system. Lawyers working for both parties were engaged in valuing the marital estate, which included substantial debt.

At primary issue, the valuation of the husband's business, a printing and advertising company.

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The company was allegedly in the cellar, barely scraping by, and under significant debt. The warehouse had, literally, been flooded by recent rainstorms. A settlement agreement was signed with wife waiving her rights to the business for just a minimal payout which was to be paid out to her over five years.

She came and hired us, with two days to go to reopen the divorce case which has a one-year look back on the basis of the husband's fraud. What was found was unbelievable: the husband had sold the business literally the same day that he had signed the settlement agreement and the parties' were divorced!

Suffice it to say, months and months of litigation ensued, ultimately culminating in the wife's receipt of a substantial additional settlement. Lesson to be learned: Investigation is key. There had been years when my wife's ex-husband legally and financially bullied her as a single mother.

10 Things Divorced Women face in India | Being divorced is not easy in India

My then-wife had called the police in advance: I was arrested within minutes and charged with the felony of violating a restraining order. Shortly after I lost in court because of the felony, the law in Tennessee and other places was changed so that a restraining order requires proof of danger and can't just be sprung on someone as a trap.

We went through a six-year separation without seeing each other, nor him seeing our son, who has autism — which was another obstacle; the courts had to bring in an independent person on behalf of our son due to his special needs.They dragged her into the road by her hair, tried to rip off her clothes and smiled at the cameras that filmed it all. It was around 9. They easily could have. We know this because a cameraman from the local TV channel was there too, capturing the attack for his viewers' enjoyment.

The woman was abused for 45 minutes before the police arrived. Within half an hour, clips were broadcast on Assam's NewsLive channel. Watching across town, Sheetal Sharma and Bitopi Dutta were horrified. There was this horrible, brutal assault being shown on screen — and the most disturbing thing was, the blame was being put on the woman, who, the report emphasised, was drunk," says Sharma, a year-old feminist activist from the North-East Network, a women's rights organisation in Guwahati.

No attempt was made to arrest the men whose faces could clearly be seen laughing and jeering on camera. Soon afterwards, the editor-in-chief of NewsLive who has since resigned remarked on Twitter that "prostitutes form a major chunk of girls who visit bars and night clubs".

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It was only a few days later, when the clip had gone viral and had been picked up by the national channels in Delhi, that the police were shamed into action.

By then, Guwahati residents had taken matters into their own hands, producing an enormous banner that they strung up alongside one of the city's arterial roads featuring screen grabs of the main suspects. Six days after the attack, the chief minister of Assam, the state where Guwahati is located, ordered the police to arrest a dozen key suspects.

worst divorce stories in india

The damage was already irreversible. But here, caught on camera, was proof. And in Assam — a state long romanticised as the most female-friendly corner of the country, largely thanks to the matrilineal Khasi tribe in Meghalaya. The nation was outraged. And as far as the law is concerned: who cares?

worst divorce stories in india

There is currently no special law in India against sexual assault or harassment, and only vaginal penetration by a penis counts as rape.

The maximum punishment is a year's imprisonment, or a fine, or both. As a columnist in the national Hindustan Times said of the attack: "This is a story of a dangerous decline in Indians and India itself, of not just failing morality but disintegrating public governance when it comes to women. It stung — especially as Saudi Arabia was at the second-worst. But the experts were resolute in their choice.

Look at some statistics and suddenly the survey isn't so surprising.Dad goes through with it, idiot actually pays undercover cop the money. Dad then flies back to Canada home and wait for results. International task force is formed to try and detain him.

Geraldo Rivera covers story, idiot dad gets arrested in Toronto and flown back to California. In this process, I was three in care of family back down South, mother in protection by police. He gets 18 months. After all of this mom still had to sue for divorce; it took two years. Well she decides to build a house right behind the other house; mind you, this was a lot of land probably yards separating both home sites, so that the back of the houses faced each other.

The house gets built and my uncle gets a call from his client asking about the legality of a situation he had gotten himself into. Apparently his ex-wife would spend a lot of time in her backyard, so he saw her all the time.

What he did was buy a female dog and name it the same name as his ex-wife. Get in here! Quit pissing on the flowers! Quit digging in the dirt! Had a client hide Ziploc bags of ground meat throughout the house in air vents, the attic, behind water heater etc. I think it was at least bags that took months to find all of them. She agreed to watch the dog while I found a new place.

She had the dog put down instead. Do I was asked to get there before the bank opened which was odd. I show up and greet the bank employee along with a lawyer and a very angry looking woman. He worked overtime for literally the rest of his life just to be able to survive.

Unfortunately he died from a heart attack, probably due to all the stress that she left him with! She would attend court to give moral and practical support to some of our clients. Her husband had, apparently, been a nightmare of a man.

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